Sushi Ebisu Japanese Restaurant
Royal Orchid Hotel, Tumon
Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30 am-2:00 pm Lunch, Mon-Sun Dinner 6pm-10pm

  Cuisine Style
Japanese, Vegetarian
  Restaurant Format
Restaurant, Sushi Bar, Take Out, Yakitori
  Parking: Limited  

About Sushi Ebisu Japanese Restaurant
"Ebisu" in the Shinto religion is the god of good fortune as well as the god of fishermen. Regarded as the deity of all occupations, Ebisu is especially known to be the god over farmers, fishermen, and commerce, so he could be called the "businessman's god". Statues and images of Ebisu depict him as a smiling and bearded figure, often holding a fishing pole or line with a large sea bream attached or tucked under his left arm. A gold statue of a smiling Ebisu is perched atop the sushi display case at Ebisu Sushi, an auspicious indication for things that will soon follow.

Sushi Ebisu Japanese Restaurant has won the hearts and bellies of many local and visiting customers who enjoy the high quality cuisine served by Chef Owner Fumiya Nakamura, whose prior experience as a cook in France some years ago familiarized him with cuisine Francaise. However, it's his cuisine Japonais that he's specializing in now.


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