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April 15, 2016, Volume 16 Number 5

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

It is hard to believe that we are already in the middle of April! The year has been blasting past and there are some annual culinary events that happen around this time of the year. This coming Sunday (April 17) is the Smokin' Wheels BBQ Competition at the Guam Raceway Park. Next month will be the Taste of the Marianas in Saipan, with their culinary competition held on the last Saturday, May 28th. Of course the big event coming up on Guam in May is FestPac, which will hold many food exhibitions and multi-cultural cooking events. Guam will definitely be hopping with activity during FestPac, which is probably the largest festival ever held here! I'm excited!

Speaking of excited. I was happy to be on island during the recent visit of former Guam resident, Gary Hill, who was as former colleague of mine at AK Commercial Division back in the 90's. Gary handled the contracts/design department and was responsible for such large kitchen projects as the SandCastle, Hyatt Regency Guam, Leo Palace, and many others. He later ran his own consultancy and did a lot more kitchen projects until he retired to pursue a life of adventure-trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing. He lives in Harper's Ferry, Virginia and was recently featured in a National Geographic special on the Appalachian Trail. I was at a barbecue party held in his honor a few weeks ago at the home of architects David & Lisa Tan. I took a photo of some of the assembled group of friends who were there for Gary.

(In pix from back row left, Steve Scott, Malia Scott, Lenny Anderson, Bob Bullock, Wanjoo Kim; Front row, Gary Hill (white shirt w/beard), David Tan, and Matt Johnson).

This just goes to show that even if you leave Guam to live somewhere else, you will always have a home on Guam!

Ken the Guam Food Guy

Taste of Hansik (Korean Cuisine)
April 12 - 16 Lunch Buffet only
Westin Resort Guam

11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
$35.00 Adults/ Child (6-11 yrs) - $17.50
No Svc Charge. Starwood SPG members enjoy 15% flat discount

Don't miss this opportunity to have an extraordinary Korean culinary adventure at the Westin's taste restaurant this week and ending Saturday! Visiting guest Chef Chase Kim and Chef Dave Yun are gracing us with their talented presence from W Seoul-Walkerhill, Korea. This is probably the largest and most diverse buffet I've seen here featuring a variety of Korean classics (a pajeon station making Korean pancakes loaded with seafood); pork bulgogi, kalbi, grilled fish, kimchees, panchan, assorted Korean mushrooms, soups, braised oxtail, dukbokki (spicy Korean rice cakes), and one of my favorite items, Yukhoe (seasoned raw beef-steak tartare) with sliced pears. There is even a Patbinsu (Korean Shaved Ice) station which seems to be a Korean version of Halo halo. The dessert area features a sweet Korean pancake that's quite delicious.

The staff and management of the Westin have achieved another milestone culinary event with this promotion. Kudos to Executive Chef Daniel Lenherr and Executive Sous Chef Sean Jung who couldn't have been more pleased to have these two inspired chefs work side by side with him to bring diners a feast of flavors using fresh , high-quality ingredients. Make your reservations now for the final 2 days of this amazing Korean culinary extravaganza!

Singh's Cafe Kebab & Curry
Micronesia Mall Food Court
Hours: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Looking for an affordable spice adventure? You don't have to go far, you can go the the Micronesia Mall's Food Court and visit Singh's Cafe Kebab & Curry. This family-run eatery features a variety of curries and other popular Mediterranean fare including Shawarma Wraps and Bowls that are highly valued by an emerging class of global food aficionados. Singh's Cafe Kebab & Curry is the brainchild of long-time Guam resident Chef Kotwal Singh, who is also a featured recipe contributor to Guamdiner. If Guam has one person whose familiar face has an irrepressible smile matched by non-stop enthusiasm, that person would be Singh. His wife Malti owns this eatery and his son, Sisank, is manning the counter.

Though I had eaten here previously (had the Chef's special, Chicken Tikka Masala $9.95)I needed to return and have a few more dishes. This time I was able to try a variety of curries that are offered. These included the Indian Chicken Curry ($6.95), Thai Chicken Curry (Penang) for $6.95, Lamb Curry ($6.50), Chicken Tikka Bowl ($7.95), Pumpkin Curry ($7.50), and Eggplant Curry ($7.50). The latter two are excellent Vegetarian options and are spiced and seasoned to appeal to anyone's liking. All the curries I ate were sample sizes which were accompanied by Pita bread. Every curry had a slightly different flavor profile. (I didn't' try the Japanese Beef Curry ($6.95) and have heard that it is not the typical Japanese Beef Curry but rather an embellished version with more flavor). All said, each curry dish was quite tasty without being "hot", which concerns some people when the term "spicy" is used. These sauces are "spiced".

Singh's menu also features some specialty items including Curry Fries ($4.95), Kebab Sticks ($1.95), Kid's Meal ($4.95), and for a Limited Time only, a Curry Clam Chowder ($8.50). This is an original item that I'll have try later. He also has Naan bread available, as well as a Chef Salad ($6.95), and a Chicken Salad ($7.50). I did have a Mango Lassi ($4.95) which was good for balancing out the curry spices. Singh uses no MSG in his curry sauces and he makes these all from scratch. It is evident that he has his finger on the pulse of his growing customer base as he endeavors to imagine new curry creations. His pricing and portioning are quite good so you will get your money's worth.

Owner Singh poses with his son Sisank in a father/son moment at their food court kiosk.

I am glad I was able to finally stop by my friend Singh's family-run eatery as they are making a significant contribution to the island's global cuisine selections.

Bon appetit!

Ken the Guam Food Guy

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