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July 3, 2015, Volume 15 Number 12

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Happy Independence Day Celebration!! Wait...we're going to have to take a rain check on this!! A "serious" rain check called Typhoon Chan-Hom, which is barreling down upon us! It almost seems like "deja vu", as I recall late night newsletter writing when there was a storm heading our way! Let's just hope and pray this one brushes past us with no significant damage or disruption! It's a good thing we are flexible...these types of things happen and we can always celebrate when things get back to normal!

Congratulations and welcome to the Dusit Thani Guam Resort, which officially opened its doors to customers earlier this week. Aqua, its all day dining restaurant, is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet service featuring live cooking stations. I am looking forward to tasting some of the bountiful offerings their culinary team has prepared. The views from this restaurant are fantastic from what I've heard. Indulge in this new and exciting hospitality experience! Call 648-8000 for reservations!

Ken, The Guam Food Guy

iHop's Coming! But Where Do We Park?

I really am quite excited about iHop's opening up on Guam. It's in my neighborhood (I can walk there...probably best if I did), and I have been a life-long fan of iHop (whenever I visit the Mainland I usually have at least one meal at an iHop, which is the short name for International House of Pancakes). Although we are delighted to have iHop join our restaurant options, there is some cause for concern about parking and access. It's not only a concern for iHop, but also for the other building under construction at the entrance to the DNA Plaza, home to Cost-U-Less Tamuning. This other building (two-story) is the future home of the Chamorro Chip Cafe and Dolce Frutti Gelateria. Perhaps there's something the developers are planning to address this that we don't yet see. As it is now, there are still issues with finding parking for some of the tenant businesses in the DNA Plaza, and some customers are going elsewhere to dine or shop. We will just wait until the construction dust settles and we will see where we are! As I said earlier, I will be able to walk to iHop, but will you?

Premier Polynesian Dinner Show
Fish Eye Marine Park
475-7791/2 (For reservations, call between 9 :00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

I had always wanted to go to Fish Eye Marine Park's Polynesian Dinner show and was very delighted to get invited by a co-worker to experience the brand new dinner show that Fish Eye has created after renovating their stage. They have also imported some renown Tahitian entertainers to augment their dance troupe. What you should know is that Fish Eye is offering a very limited special offer for local customers to show their appreciation. This special lasts through July 17, and extends a 50% discount from the regular price of $88.00 (adult) and $44.00 (Children 6-11 yrs). Drinks are not included in these prices.

The Dinner Buffet starts at 7:00 p.m. and lasts an hour. The show begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m. Fish Eye's dinner buffet has seasonal themes, and the current one, "Blessing from the Ocean", features a Nigiri Sushi making demonstration, and a Grilled Fish Corner. The "Tahitian Party" themed buffet is scheduled to start soon, and will feature Brochettes (three kinds of grilled kebabs), open faced sandwiches, and sliced prosciutto ham on tropical fruits. You may wish to contact Fish Eye to see what their current theme is. One coming in the later part of this year is "Hola Spain Fair, which will have Grilled Rack of Lamb, Roast ham, and Roast Turkey, among other items.

The nightly standard buffet menu is quite extensive and will definitely fill you up!! Among the selections are a fresh salad bar, Snow Crab Cocktail, Assorted Seafood appetizers, Assorted Nigiri Sushi, Clam Chowder, Shrimp Coconut milk, fish & vegetable cream stew, Flounder and Green Vegetable Chinese style, Pork Baby Back Ribs Hawaiian Style, Shrimp and Scallop with Genovese sauce, cold udon noodle with topping, steamed fresh vegetables, assorted tropical fruit, desserts galore, and bread & butter.

The show is a lively, spirited and fast-paced extravaganza of dance, chants, singing and story-telling. The fire dances are exciting with many members of the troupe showing off amazing skills. One of the newly arrived dance performers is Joel Avaeoru, who is a legendary Tahitian entertainer. Other performers who recently arrived are Rodolph Teriinohorai, Esaielotua Chong, and Mauiti Miagoux, who has won numerous cultural dance contests in Tahiti. The bottom line is you get a truly authentic Tahitian dinner show that will have you standing up and applauding at the end as the Queen and her entourage wave good bye as they float down the small waterway that fronts the main stage.

New Lunch and Dinner Specials at Ebisu
Sushi Ebisu Japanese Restaurant
2F Royal Orchid Hotel

I recently had the opportunity to follow up on my promise to try some of the new specials now being featured at Ebisu during lunch and dinner. These specials are in addition to the existing set lunch specials such as Grilled Salmon and Pork Ginger.

The first special I sampled was the lunch special, Teriyaki-Don Set w/Salad/soup - $11.95. This is a BBQ chicken bowl that comes with miso soup and Ebisu's signature side salad. One of the things about the food at Ebisu is how wonderfully fresh everything is. Moreover, they take great pride in making a favorable impression on you with their masterful presentations. This donburi is no ordinary rice bowl!! They really load on the grilled sliced chicken thigh meat that's drizzled with a light and savory teriyaki sauce. Two pieces of tamago (egg cake) jut out of the corner of the bowl. There are red ginger garnishes next to the bright yellow tamago towers. Another lunch special I didn't try was the Ebi-Salad set ($13.95). Next time.

I did return later for the dinner specials, which are served from 5:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Featured are Sushi Appetizers ($4.95), which include three pieces of nigiri sushi ((Maguro Tuna, Salmon, Squid). This is such a nice way to start a meal and these are excellent. I was joined by a colleague, Aileen, who had one of the two dinner special main sets, the Teriyaki Chicken set ($15.95), which include Poki, Salad, Miso Soup, and Rice. This was the same superb teriyaki chicken I enjoyed during my lunch visit. Aileen was also impressed with the generous amount of grilled chicken on her plate.

My dinner special selection was the Tempura Set ($16.95), which comes with Poki, Salad, and Miso Soup, and Rice. What a treat to eat! The quality of Ebisu's tempura is at the top of the scale! There's something inspiring about the artistic techniques used by Japanese chefs when they present a dish to you. The use of color and meticulous attention to detail...everything has its place with each color representing something. This is Washoku, which is the culinary philosophy of finding balance between aesthetic harmony and nutritional value (taste, texture and fresh ingredients). The experience is edifying!

There is another special that is served for both Lunch and Dinner that I didn't try yet. It is the Chef's Special Bara-Chirashi Sushi ($14.95), which features diced-cut Maguro tuna, Salmon, Squid, Salmon Roe, Egg, & Cucumber. This comes with salad and miso soup.

So the next time you are in Tumon and want to get Value for your money, go to Sushi Ebisu Japanese Restaurant, and let Chef/owner Fumi Nakamura impress you with his delicious Japanese cuisine.

Ita dake masu!

Ken the Guam Food Guy


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