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Asian Buffet

January 29, 2006 marks the beginning of Year 4703 of the Lunar Calendar, The Year of The Dog. The Lunar New Year is the perfect time to take advantage of the culinary melting pot of Guam. We are blessed with a multitude of great Asian restaurants and this easy party idea is designed to allow you to have a great time with your guests and not spend hours working in the kitchen preparing dishes. While we offer three recipes for you to make, we suggest you take advantage of the excellent Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean or Thai take out available on Guam to create the buffet.

Planning the menu is the most fun. Take the time to drop by your restaurant (or restaurants!) of choice a few days in advance. They can be most helpful in deciding how much food you need to feed your guests and offer menu suggestions as well. A general outline is to offer a soup, two vegetable dishes and at least one dish each of beef, pork, chicken and shrimp or fish. Supplement this with fried rice or noodles and your guests will be very happy. Adding your own culinary touch, we offer a recipe for Chinese Tea Eggs (a nice appetizer and very exotic looking), Chicken in Silver Foil (easy but impressive) and grilled Fruit Kebobs for dessert. You can also purchase sweet rice cakes as a very traditional addition to a New Year's table. California Mart has a wonderful variety of rice cakes in lovely shapes and colored green, pink and white.

For a festive Lunar New Year touch, decorate the table with a bright red cloth. Using trays or plates, build a large pyramid and two smaller pyramids from a variety of brillant colored citrus fruits, persimmons, apples and other fruits and use this for your centerpiece. You can also purchase long red paper banners printed with gold Chinese characters wishing Long Life and Prosperity at many of the Asian markets for a reasonable price.

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